Introductory Shona Language
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Exercise 1 (from Lesson 2):

1. He/she is going to the market. 2. We are buying vegetables.
3. They are digging. 4. Uri kufamba.
5. Ndiri kuenda pabhazi 6. Tora bhegi.

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Exercise 2 (from Lesson 3):

1. We want to help. 2. When are the children coming?
3. Have you (plural) finished? 4. You (plural) need to/must cut (down) some posts.
5. We don't want to dig here because there are stones 6. I can only speak Shona a little.
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Exercise 3 (from Lesson 4 ):

1. My goats ('dzangu' is plural) 5. Tatenda ari kubika miriwo yake.
2. Our children 6. Vasikana vari kuenda kumba kwavo.
3. I am cutting their trees. 7. Unofanira kubatsira mukoma(hanzvadzi) wangu here?
4. Edson is digging my garden. 8. Shamwari venyu (dzenyu) vari kupi?

Introductory Shona Language

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